The JD Gift Shop by Joselyn Disla offers both modern and timeless fine jewelry. Curated to stand the test of time with beautiful finishing touches to every style. Through our handpicked collections, we aim to bring fourth the best quality to our clients for any and every occasion and celebration. 


I’ve always had a special passion for jewelry and gifting....

Growing up, as a young girl in the Dominican Republic, I always saw how much the women in my family cared for their jewelry.  And with the jewelry came the stories that were passed down with each piece.

Years later I arrived in New York and made then decision to sell gold jewelry from the Diamond District; door-to-door. I would supply my friends and families with quality and affordable 14k gold earrings, rings, necklaces and personalized name plates.

The look of joy on their faces brought me so much fulfillment. I loved being able to lift others up and give them the opportunity to feel and look good inside out. Adding a piece of jewelry to a person's life turns into a memory full of love and value that could be passed down many a generation.

We at The JD Gift Shop believe in curating and choosing each piece with love.